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WeOwn connects people who want to co-own real estate.
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We believe that co-ownership is a necessary solution to the housing affordability crisis. Communal living and sharing resources is not only a more affordable way of living, but a better way of life.

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Why Co-ownership?


Co-ownership can provide people with a support network, and a sense of community at home.


Splitting the costs of a down payment and monthly mortgage payments reduces the financial burden of owning a home.


Sharing space and resources helps to preserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.


Building wealth through home ownership is a much better alternative than paying off someone else's mortgage through rent payments.

Our Team


Andreas Kalogiannides


Andreas Kalogiannides is a founding partner of Aura LLP, a Toronto business & real estate law firm. As a lawyer and leader in Toronto's municipal and city-building communities, he is interested in using technology to build intentional communities which are affordable, sustainable and wealth-generating.



Lesli Gaynor


Lesli Gaynor is a real estate agent specializing in co-housing. In 2016, she founded GoCo Solutions, part of the Fridman Team at Forest Hill Real Estate, to help people navigate the process of co-operative real estate and find a home in the Toronto and GTA real estate market. As well as supporting her clients, Lesli hosts events and conferences to educate about co-housing. These have included ‘Co-housing speed dating’ evenings, to match prospective home buyers together. 



Parimal Gosai


Parimal Gosai is a Real Estate Salesperson with GoCo Solutions, an arm of theFridman Team at Forest Hill Real Estate and the Managing Director of Gosai Law. At WeOwn, Parimal hopes to build a digital networking solution that will help people find their own co-ownership groups through a fun and engaging way. 



Ryan Martin


Ryan is one of the founding partners of Aura LLP. In his real estate practice, Ryan's clients range from first-time home buyers to with large-scale real estate investors in both Canada and abroad. A specialized portion of Ryan’s practice is dedicated to co-ownership law. Ryan has become a highly sought-after lawyer for co-owners of commercial andresidential property. He has broad experience drafting co-ownership and co-habitation agreements for the purchase and sale of properties in Ontario. 


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